Levin: Trump is right to work toward ‘zero’ tariffs with EU

On his nationally syndicated radio show Wednesday evening, Mark Levin lauded President Trump’s announcement that his administration and the European Union president will work toward “zero” tariffs, “zero” subsidies, following trade talks at the White House.

Levin pointed out that if it happens, this will ultimately result in a more prosperous America, unlike seeking protectionist tariffs to shield American industries against global competition, which he criticized on his show the day before. “No tariffs and no subsidies — that’s the Levin position!


NY Post: Bill de Blasio just admitted he’s Mayor Know-Nothing

New York Post Editorial

Mayor de Blasio has ’fessed up to an unfortunate truth: He doesn’t know what his top minions are doing. Rather, he says, he sets out “broad goals” for his deputies, who then run with them.

Problem is, this mayor isn’t hands-off — he’s checked-out.

“While I am sometimes briefed on specific decisions being made by an agency, I typically do not have unique knowledge on the subject,” de Blasio wrote in a signed seven-page declaration filed Monday. “Additionally, I do not micromanage the deputy mayors or city agency commissioners.”

The statement is a bid to avoid being deposed in a lawsuit that argues city affordable-housing policy is racist. No matter that affordable housing is a signature de Blasio issue: His “I know nothing” defense rings all too true.

Time and again, he has denied major problems at one agency or another, admitting the truth only when he has no choice left.


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