What is the Queens County Republican committee?

● A group of members that lead the Queens County Republican Party.
● The committee works hand in hand with clubs, other counties and most of all, Queens residents to protect and promote Republican values for Queens and New York.

Who is the County Chairman?

● The chairman is the leader of the Queens County GOP.
● He oversees all meetings and tactical decisions.
● Our current County Chairman is Tony Nunziato.

Who are the County Officers?

● The Queens County GOP Officers are elected at the biennial organizational meeting of the County Committee and serve alongside the County Chairman.
● The current Officers are:

    • 1st Vice Chair – Myrna V. Littlewort
    • 2nd Vice Chair – Bart J. Haggerty
    • Vice Chairperson – Donna M. Caltabiano
    • Vice Chairperson – Joanne R. Mugno
    • Vice Chairperson – Edward J. O’Hare, Jr.
    • Vice Chairperson – Robert J. Speranza
    • Secretary – Syeda A. Hossain
    • Assistant Secretary – Logan P. Flotte
    • Treasurer – Raymond K. Hummel
    • Assistant Treasurer – Michael F. Watson

Who are District Leaders?

● Elected officials that represent the residents in their Assembly District to their affiliated party.
● These officials are volunteers and are elected every two years.
● To view a list of district leaders click here

What are Republican Clubs?

● Republican clubs are made up of like minded people that want Republicans elected to office in Queens County.
● Republican clubs are very instrumental in keeping  the public informed about Republican events and issues that affect our city.
● For a club to be official, a district leader must be a club member.

What is the County Committee?

● A group of elected members from all election districts in Queens County.
● The County Committee endorses candidates, elects nominees in special elections inside of Queens County, and elects county officers.

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