Mayoral hopeful Nicole Malliotakis refuses to drop clock on website tracking de Blasio transparency on donors – Daily News

The de Blasio clock still stands.

Republican mayoral challenger Nicole Malliotakis won’t be removing the counter on her website that ticks off the days since de Blasio promised to reveal “a stunning number” of donors who asked for City Hall favors and were refused.

On Friday the mayor released a lengthy op-ed on the website Medium that he said fulfilled his pledge — but it was notably short on new information and specific names.

It certainly wasn’t detailed enough to get Malliotakis to back down.


Mayor de Blasio publishes op-ed without naming donors who sought favors, slams ‘bitter’ media – Daily News

Almost a year and a half after promising to detail a “stunning number of donors” who sought favors and didn’t get them, Mayor de Blasio published an op-ed containing only two new examples.

The op-ed — which does not name a single contributor, not even two he references who have since been arrested in a police corruption case — was published on the website Medium on the Friday ahead of the long Labor Day Weekend.

In it, de Blasio writes that in each case, including highly publicized instances of donors Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg asking for favors before they were swept up in a massive NYPD corruption scandal, the city government “did our job.”

“We heard the complaints of people who believed they were being treated unfairly. Sometimes those people are my political supporters,” de Blasio wrote. “Sometimes they are not. Sometimes they were right and often they were wrong. What’s important is that in each instance my administration made decisions based on the facts, not who they were.”


Malliotakis slams de Blasio over Superstorm Sandy recovery – New York Post

The de Blasio administration is bungling the Superstorm Sandy recovery effort — with a quarter of applicants’ homes in the Build It Back program still incomplete after five years, GOP mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis charged Thursday.

Malliotakis acknowledged that de Blasio inherited a bad program from his predecessor, but said that doesn’t excuse the mismanagement.

“I certainly don’t give any pass to the previous administration. But when a new administration comes in, their job is to look over what they’ve inherited and make changes, make improvements, streamline the process,” Malliotakis said in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, an area that was hit hard by Sandy in October 2012.

She highlighted a Staten ­Island home valued at $225,000 that the city spent $773,000 to repair.

Her campaign cited figures from a June 13 City Hall press release stating that of 5,174 homes that required construction work under Build It Back, 74 percent had been completed.


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