Malliotakis offers sleepy de Blasio a can of Red Bull – New York Post

Mayor ​Bill ​de Blasio’s midday nap habit came under fire Tuesday by political opponents gunning for his job — one of whom offered him a can of Red Bull outside City Hall.

Hours after The Post ​​exclusively revealed Hizzoner’s penchant for crashing out on his office couch, Republican Nicole Malliotakis was about to hold a campaign news conference when she spotted de Blasio headed to a nearby subway entrance.

The Staten Island assemblywoman approached the mayor and held out the caffeinated energy drink.

De Blasio, who was surrounded by bodyguards, didn’t reach for the eye-opener and instead just smiled and gave her a thumbs-up.

“I said, ‘Mayor, I got you a Red Bull to keep you up during the work day,’” Malliotakis said afterward.

De Blasio held his tongue, she said, adding: “I’m sure he was thinking of something.”

Malliotakis said she was “a little disappointed” that the Democratic incumbent rejected her offer of a pick-me-up “because it shows that not only is he lazy and incompetent, but he’s rude, too.

“I’m just trying to help him out so he can stay awake during the day — and doesn’t even need those frequent naps,” she said.

On his way out of City Hall en route to the subway, de Blasio refused to respond when The Post asked him if he’d ever taken a nap on the job. His press secretary had earlier denied that de Blasio “regularly” snoozed inside City Hall.


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