John-Alexander Sakelos

I grew up and received my public school education in the 19th City Council district. My family flower shop, Flowers By Peter, has been servicing the NYC community for over fifty years. It’s there that I learned firsthand the impact that public service and local legislation have on the working class people of New York. […]


Felicia Kalan

Felicia is a mom of two running for City Council District 22 in Queens. Felicia studied Political Science and International Studies at the University of Evansville and the American University in Cairo, Egypt. She served as a Legislative Service Commision Fellow and Legislative Aide to former State Representative Margaret Conditt in the Ohio State Legislature. Felicia also formerly co-founded an anti-human trafficking nonprofit called UNCHAINED that served survivors of human trafficking, and worked as the former V.P. of Operations at COhatch, a coworking space and startup incubator company.


Michael Conigliaro

My name is Michael Conigliaro and I am running for City Council in District 29 (Forest Hills, Rego Park, Richmond Hill and Kew Gardens). My campaign will focus on supporting our law enforcement community, as well as property tax reform, helping small businesses, and the forgotten middle class. In addition, I want to improve the […]


Tom Zmich

I am running for the United States Congress in CD6 Queens, NY.  I feel that I have been called to serve God and our Country again, and to STOP the progressive agenda of the Democratic party. With your support, I know that we will be able to make a huge impact, simply by challenging my opponent on the […]


John Cummings

Since word broke that I might be interested in running for the U.S. House of Representatives, I’ve been asked numerous times, “why now” and “why the House?”

As someone who has taught U.S. History for over 20 years, I appreciate the enormity of serving in the world’s greatest representative body. It is my opinion, that our liberty, the liberty that exists because of the blood and treasure of our forefathers and ancestors, is in great peril, and it is being threatened by those who favor the failed economic system known as socialism.

Socialism is antithetical to every one of our founding principles. Principles that have made us the envy of the world for over 230 years and the destination of generations of people looking for the freedoms that were consistently denied them by royalty, authoritarians, dictators, and terrorists.


Joann Ariola

Joann Ariola has been living and leading in the 32nd Council District for decades. She is a longtime Queens civic leader, wife, mother and grandmother whose career has always been focused on forging positive relationships between her neighbors and government agencies to promote peace and public safety. With 30 years of experience working for two mayors, as well as members of the NYC Council on both sides of the aisle, not for profits and private industry, Joann knows how to help us get through the challenging time all New Yorkers have been facing, bring us to brighter days, push through this pandemic and bring back our neighborhoods, better and stronger than ever…together.


Giovanni Perna

Born and raised in Ridgewood, NY Giovanni Perna is a first generation American whose family emigrated

from Italy. Raised in a household with three brothers, Giovanni has been a part of his community and district for 24 years. He went to school at P.S 68, I.S 77, and Grover Cleveland High School. He is the first in his family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and minor in Law from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

After graduating, Giovanni has worked in Albany for Assemblyman Peter D. Lopez for the 2017 legislation session. While being mentored by Mr. Peter Lopez, a knowledgeable and great person, Giovanni attended numerous committees, task force, and constituent meetings about proposed legislation/bills. He has also participated and help address district issues such as flood recovery, jobs, schools, businesses, public transportation, and drug epidemic.

Giovanni has aspirations of following up in the political field, in hope of making changes for a better and safer New York City, and State. Giovanni intends to uplift his community and pave the way for the future. With that being said, his first step is to run for Assembly to represent and build the neighborhood, community, and district.


Carlos Santiago-Cano

arlos Santiago-Cano grew up in Flushing, Queens, NY. He has been a resident of the 12th Congressional District for 13 years. Carlos is a proud graduate of the New York City Public school system; having attended Elementary School, Junior High School and High School all in Public School. After High School Carlos attended CUNY (City University of New York) and graduated from Kingsborough Community College, then Baruch College which is also located in the 12th Congressional District

Carlos is an Entrepreneur and small business owner. In 2012 he started a Real Estate and Property Management company which he still has to this date and operates with his sister. The company mainly does business in Astoria, Queens; Upper East Side, Midtown East, Gramercy Park and East Village (all areas which cover the 12th Congressional District. Carlos has a passion and connection to the district.


Elisa Nahoum

I am a lifelong resident of Flushing, NY.  I am an entrepreneur and former business owner, mortgage banker and currently am a licensed real estate sales person.  I am also a political activist and have spent years and countless hours fighting the embedded political machine for our rights and our freedoms.  Our schools are not safe, and our streets and homes are now far less safe due to the disastrous Bail Elimination Act that was co-sponsored by incumbent John Liu. 

Our state needs to do much more to empower our kids with better education and better after-school opportunities and we must expand access to Charter Schools. We need additional resources for the protection and advocacy for battered women. We need tax and regulation relief for small business. But mostly, residents of Queens District 11 need a forceful advocate for the middle class to go to Albany and fight the corrupt regime of Andrew Cuomo.  Cuomo and his minions on the Democratic tickets across this state are bankrupting New York, making New York more dangerous by the day, and driving working people out of New York State for good.  


John-Alexander Sakelos

I grew up and received my public school education right here in the 26th District. My family flower shop, Flowers By Peter, has been servicing the community for over fifty years. It’s there that I learned firsthand the impact that public service and local legislation have on the working class people of New York. After high school I was blessed enough to receive several scholarships and to be granted the Artistic Leadership Award for Community Service. This allowed me to attend the University of Michigan for my undergraduate education and George Washington University for my Masters. After my schooling I became a member of the professional stage actors union and primarily worked on Shakespeare productions and educational theatre. The theater business by its own nature is very collaborative (much like legislating); I was fortunate to learn not only how to work well under pressure and in the public eye, but other valuable lessons on compromise and adaptability. These are the qualities I want to bring to Albany. Currently, I make a living as a theater and humanities professor here in Queens as well as a researcher and writer.


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