Michael O’Reilly is running for NY State Senate because, quite frankly, we don’t have any representation from our current senator- when we need it most! First and foremost, O’Reilly is adamant that we simply cannot weather yet another term of the current senator.

O’Reilly graduated from Florida Tech with honors. After receiving an honorable discharged from the United States Marine Corp, he attended New York Law School at night, while working 60 hours a week in the Financial District. In addition to being a licensed attorney, O’Reilly was also an airline pilot for a major airline. He attributes any success he’s had in life to two simple things – hard work, and perseverance.

And O’Reilly is walking the walk- to every corner of the district to meet as many people as possible, over and over again because he feels that you cannot substitute face to face conversations with large war chests or social media platforms alone. The current occupant of our district’s senate seat (and yes, it’s the people’s seat) has run largely unopposed in the last three elections and is comfortably numb. In O’Reilly’s opinion, we need someone in Albany to fight for us now more than ever.

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