State Assembly candidate David Bressler obtained three key endorsements for his State Assembly run later this year.

Bressler, a businessman, is running against State Assemblymember Ed Braunstein (D-Auburndale, Bay Terrace, Bayside, Bayside Hills, Broadway-Flushing, Douglaston, Floral Park, Glen Oaks, Little Neck). This is his second run after a petitioning issue in the last election.

The Queens County Republican Party, Queens Conservative Party, and Queens County Reform Party all gave their support for his candidacy. Bressler shared his delight in receiving the endorsements from the local organizations.

“It makes me more confident in my election bid to have the backings of those parties. We could take it all the way with the backings of those people and parties,” he said.

He added that there may be more endorsements coming soon after meeting with people from the Independence Party.

Joann Ariola, the chair of the Queens County Republican Party, said the organization did not hesistate to support the Bay Terrace resident.

“The endorsement of David Bressler for Assembly was unanimous. He is a candidate that will work hard and when elected will make a terrific public servant,” Ariola said.

Tom Long, chair of the Queens Conservative Party, also praised Bressler and highlighted his potential to help New York City residents.
“David Bressler understands the effects on all the people in his district and the entire city with every liberal progressive decision the Mayor the Governor and the legislature makes, whether it’s raising taxes and fees, delivering sub-standard education to our children, putting homeless shelters in our communities, not prosecuting criminals just to keep arrest numbers down, to name just a few. David Bressler will bring back some common sense, so just maybe, the good hard-working families of this city will stop leaving and look to a future in this city,” Long said.

The State Assembly candidate said he would use this to further his presence in the district when talking to voters. Bressler explained, while running against Braunstein, he is running against policies he considers unreasonable to moderate constituents in the districts.

“Our campaign has really evolved over the last couple of years. It’s no longer Democrats versus Republicans. It’s the progressive left versus moderate Republicans,” he said.

He added his experience on the campaign trail led him to Democrats who felt unsatisfied with the current direction of government and the policies coming out of the city.

“Two years ago, Democrats wouldn’t talk to me. Now they’re really fed up with the progressive left policies,” he said.

The endorsement of the Reform Party would provide help in attracting support from moderate Democrats who have reservations about local crime for example.

The Queens resident also talked about the excitement among his supporters for the race.

“We have a very energetic support because they think this is a winnable district for the Republicans,” he said.

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