Jesus Gonzalez

Born in Cayey, Puerto Rico, Jesus Gonzalez has been living in the 13th  Senate District over the past ten years. Jesus has witnessed the struggles of many people had faced with on daily basis in the community. Jesus has identified the struggles of job loss, regulations on small business (including fines and penalties, over crowded hospitals, and overcrowded schools). Jesus has made a pledge to support all local merchants on Roosevelt Avenue (and throughout the district) to help improve business, and make our streets safer.  

At the age of 16, (while attending high school) Jesus started serving his community in Cayey, Puerto. As the youngest volunteer fire fighter on the Island, he worked every day after school (including holidays & weekends).

He attended emergency medical technician courses; including volunteering with the national civil defense organization, where he trained for terrorism preparedness with the Puerto Rico Government. Jesus also served as Coordinator of the Home Land Security program in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and served as Instructor for the Puerto Rico Fire Academy. 


Peter Hatzipetros

Peter Hatzipetros, a 32-year Native of Howard Beach, is running for New York State Assembly to Represent the 23rd District of Queens.

As a former criminal defense attorney, Peter understands the fear and concerns across our communities as the crime rate throughout New York continues to increase as a direct result of the dangerously ill-conceived “Bail Elimination Act of 2019.” This poorly crafted piece of legislation jeopardizes the health, safety and well-being of communities across the State. The removal of the cash bail system is just one of many examples demonstrating the arrogance and apathy of the New York’s current lawmakers. It is clear that the public servants of the New York legislature have completely disregarded the public who elected them into office. Since the passing of the new law, crime in New York has increased by 21% year to date compared to this time in 2019. Even more troubling, however, is the reality that law-abiding citizens of our New York communities aren’t the only collateral damage of this disastrous bail reform law- as the brave men and women of the New York Police Department have been directly impacted by these laws as well.


Joseph F. Kasper

South Ozone Park community activist Joseph Kasper was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1984. He is a graduate of Arch Bishop Molloy High School, St. John’s University and St. John’s Law School.

Kasper is active with the Knights of Columbus, and is the recording secretary for the South Ozone Park Civic Association West. He was also a district-level delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention from New York.


Dan DeBono

Former Navy Seal and lifelong resident of Northport, Dan DeBono is challenging Tom Suozzi in the 3rd Congressional District. After his military service, Dan attended The University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business and earned High Honors while receiving a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance.

Dan spent 20 years in finance and investing. He began as an investment banker, advising some of the world’s largest media and telecommunications companies. Dan moved on to become an institutional investor, in which he invested capital on behalf of public pension funds, university endowments, and other institutions and individuals. He now runs a small investment and advisory business in New York.


Lalita Etwaroo

Lalita Etwaroo emigrated from Guyana South America and currently lives in Bellerose. Lalita graduated John Jay College with Bachelors of Sciences in Criminology and Political Science and Masters of Public Administration. Interned at the New York State Assembly, and was a team coordinator for Joe Concannon’s City Council campaign. Currently a businessswoman who wants to […]


David L. Bressler

Unhappy with the political climate, instead of complaining about circumstances and issues, David resolved to take action and devote all his efforts to solving these issues that arise in Northeast Queens. As an Assemblymember, his constituents will be fortunate to have a man of David’s personal and business acumen to serve the community.


Eric Butkiewicz

An entrepreneur, Eric Butkiewicz has a bachelor’s degree from CUNY Baruch College, where he studied public policy. Eric would address several local issues from transit to affordability.


Thomas P. Sullivan

Sullivan has served in the United States Army Reserve and currently holds the rank of colonel. Over the past 25 years, he has served as a company commander in Iraq, a battalion commander in Afghanistan and a plans and operation officer in Kuwait. Sullivan also has small business owner, community leader and financial business administrator on his resume.


Simon Minching

Simon Minching is a native New Yorker and long-time resident of Little Neck/Douglaston, with nearly a decade of experience in technology, government finance, and education.

After graduating from St. John’s University and spending a gap year doing research for the United Nations Association, he completed a Master in Public Policy at the University of Chicago, and worked for two years in Chicago Public Schools- the nation’s third largest school system- where he specialized in the development of sustainable education budgets, healthcare, and pension finance.


Eliot Rabin

Eliot Rabin is a proud American who has chosen to take a stand against the ineffectual D.C. bureaucrats. Eliot believes business owners and entrepreneurs need to be able to thrive in New York City and not be squashed by unfair taxes.