Simon Minching is a native New Yorker and long-time resident of Little Neck/Douglaston, with nearly a decade of experience in technology, government finance, and education.

After graduating from St. John’s University and spending a gap year doing research for the United Nations Association, he completed a Master in Public Policy at the University of Chicago, and worked for two years in Chicago Public Schools- the nation’s third largest school system- where he specialized in the development of sustainable education budgets, healthcare, and pension finance.

Since 2013, Simon has worked at a multibillion-dollar tech company, where he focuses on growth and product execution to support human-driven analysis against the world’s hardest data problems.

Throughout his career, Simon has developed and refined a set of common-sense principles that will foster continued progress for Northeast Queens and all of its residents.

Adopting a rational set of policies that draw inspiration from both parties, New York will benefit from Simon’s broad experience across the private, public, and non-profit sectors; his unshakeable belief that the best idea should always win; and a tireless commitment to public service and the middle class.

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