Peter Hatzipetros, a 32-year Native of Howard Beach, is running for New York State Assembly to Represent the 23rd District of Queens.

As a former criminal defense attorney, Peter understands the fear and concerns across our communities as the crime rate throughout New York continues to increase as a direct result of the dangerously ill-conceived “Bail Elimination Act of 2019.” This poorly crafted piece of legislation jeopardizes the health, safety and well-being of communities across the State. The removal of the cash bail system is just one of many examples demonstrating the arrogance and apathy of the New York’s current lawmakers. It is clear that the public servants of the New York legislature have completely disregarded the public who elected them into office. Since the passing of the new law, crime in New York has increased by 21% year to date compared to this time in 2019. Even more troubling, however, is the reality that law-abiding citizens of our New York communities aren’t the only collateral damage of this disastrous bail reform law- as the brave men and women of the New York Police Department have been directly impacted by these laws as well.

In 2016, Peter founded the Petros Law Group- a boutique financial-technology law firm that focuses on working with startup companies, entrepreneurs, and traditional businesses seeking to integrate technology into their business infrastructure. As an ambassador of the industry, Peter has an in-depth understanding of the significant impact and influence of emerging technologies and how they are shaping the world of finance, data privacy and the job market. In 2020, there is a tremendous demand for talented and well-qualified individuals educated in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Therefore, we have a responsibility to ensure that our youth are prepared to enter this technology-driven world by educating New York students in computer sciences and other vital technologies utilized in our everyday lives.

Peter’s vision is not limited to improving the quality of life for Queens residents alone— but rather, his agenda will be to work across party lines to secure legislation that benefit the Empire State as a whole— because, as a true New Yorker, Peter understands that the whole City just is greater than the sum of the parts.

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