I am a lifelong resident of Flushing, NY.  I am an entrepreneur and former business owner, mortgage banker and currently am a licensed real estate sales person.  I am also a political activist and have spent years and countless hours fighting the embedded political machine for our rights and our freedoms.  Our schools are not safe, and our streets and homes are now far less safe due to the disastrous Bail Elimination Act that was co-sponsored by incumbent John Liu. 

Our state needs to do much more to empower our kids with better education and better after-school opportunities and we must expand access to Charter Schools. We need additional resources for the protection and advocacy for battered women. We need tax and regulation relief for small business. But mostly, residents of Queens District 11 need a forceful advocate for the middle class to go to Albany and fight the corrupt regime of Andrew Cuomo.  Cuomo and his minions on the Democratic tickets across this state are bankrupting New York, making New York more dangerous by the day, and driving working people out of New York State for good.  

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