For the first time in many years, New York’s 14th Congressional District will have a new representative in Washington this November. That representative must be Anthony Pappas, a soft spoken gentleman with decades of professional experience who believes that the people are best served by collaboration and not confrontation.

Tony is no politician. His high sense of principle prevents that from happening. With humble roots and a proven quest for equal justice, he has the ability to bring people together for any just cause. He is a long time professor of finance and economics at St. John’s University with a PhD from Yale University.

This job requires an independent statesman who can not only think outside the box but can also deliver on his commitments to the people. The United States Congress is crucial to the people of Queens and the Bronx who comprise our district. That is because we are harmed daily by gridlock politicians with antagonistic characters who are dividing our nation, tearing people apart to the point where moms and dads are being needlessly separated from their children even in our own family courts.

We are a union of diverse people but above all, we are an American nation committed to the ideals that made us so great. Socialism has never been one of those ideals. Yet it has been enthusiastically embraced by Tony’s opponent despite profound rejection by free thinking people in Europe and both North and South America. Tony is committed to the same rejection of socialistic ideology. And that makes him a union of both Democrats and Republicans this November.

Staunchly Independent, Anthony is beholden to no special interest. He is not seeking personal greatness. If elected, he will patiently and caringly listen to each and every constituent who contacts him for help. With Dr. Pappas in Congress, every voter of the 14th District can rest assured that his or her voice is being heard. We finally have a highly qualified candidate who will put you first!

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