Via Amsterdam News

For some New Yorkers, the mid-twenties are a time of exploration. They may use their undergraduate degrees to create entrepreneurship ventures, while others struggle to find their niche and teeter through the corporate world.

At the age of 26, Jarret Freeman is leveraging his career to become the youngest GOP candidate in New York’s history to run for the State Senate. In November, Freeman will challenge the incumbent, Sen. Leroy Comrie, for the 14th District seat in Queens that comprises all or parts of Cambria Heights, Hollis, Hollis Hills, Jamaica, St. Albans and Rosedale.

“Queens is the heartbeat of New York,” Freeman said. “Queens is so diverse and different. It has fueled [a] desire to help me understand the world beyond myself.”

Currently Freeman is a representative for the United Nations for Pathways to Peace and an executive liaison at College and Community Fellowship, an initiative that helps formerly incarcerated women continue college by providing financial services and mentoring.


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