GOTV Queens GOP Election 2017

Today is Election Day!
We have important local races across the Borough.

MAYOR – Nicole Malliotakis
COMPTROLLER – Michael J. Faulkner
PUBLIC ADVOCATE – Juan Carlos Polanco
BOROUGH PRESIDENT – William K. Kregler

Konstantinos Poulidis CD 19
Joseph Concannon CD 23
Marvin Jeffcoat CD 26
Rupert Green CD 27
Ivan D. Mossop CD 28
Robert Holden CD 30
Re-Elect Eric Ulrich CD 32

Joseph Kasper

To find your poll site go to:
You have a choice! #Vote #Election2017 #QueensCountyGOP
Polls close @9pm.


Nearly half of de Blasio’s campaign funds spent out of city – New York Post

Mayor de Blasio likes using taxpayer money to create “good-paying” local jobs — unless he’s campaigning. De Blasio’s re-election bid has spent $1.27 million at businesses headquartered or located outside the five boroughs, according to campaign finance records through Aug. 28. That’s nearly half of roughly $2.7 million shelled out by the campaign, including outstanding […]


11-year-old Frank does a ‘great job’ mowing White House lawn – Fox News

Eleven-year-old yard services entrepreneur Frank Giaccio locked down his biggest client ever Friday morning, mowing the White House lawn on the invitation of President Trump. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted a photo of Giaccio taking care of business Friday morning. “Frank is hard at work in the Rose Garden and doing a great […]


Nikki Haley to North Korea: ‘No problem’ letting Mattis deal with you – Fox News

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warned North Korea on Friday that she is more than willing to let Defense Secretary Jim Mattis deal with the nuclear threat from Pyongyang if sanctions do not work. Haley said recent sanctions have “strangled” North Korea’s “economic situation,” calling the impact “dramatic.” But she said there’s […]


Public Advocate Candidate J.C Polanco Outlines Election Reform Agenda – Gotham Gazette

With candidates vying for votes ahead of New York City’s September primary and November general elections, many in and around campaigns know that the state’s antiquated election laws will, in part, ensure that a small percentage of potential voters will cast ballots among limited choices. One candidate, Juan Carlos Polanco, known as J.C., is currently […]


Trump to outline new Afghanistan strategy – USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – President Trump will outline a new Afghanistan strategy Monday that will clear the path to deploy several thousand more U.S. troops to help local forces in the conflict that has stretched on for nearly 16 years. In a prime-time speech, Trump is also expected demand more assistance from NATO allies and the Afghanistan government itself. Trump […]


Trump signs legislation greenlighting War on Terrorism memorial for National Mall – Washington Times

By Andrew Blake – The Washington Times Saturday, August 19, 2017 President Trump has signed a bill authorizing the construction of a new memorial on the National Mall commemorating U.S. service members who fought in the international war against terrorism. Mr. Trump announced his signing of the Global War on Terrorism War Memorial Act through his official Twitter account […]


Trump: North Korea ‘will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen’ if more threats emerge – Fox News

President Donald Trump responded to reports of North Korea’s nuclear threats on Tuesday, saying the regime “will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which the world has never seen before.” Speaking from New Jersey, Trump also said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “has been very threatening beyond a normal […]


Malliotakis offers sleepy de Blasio a can of Red Bull – New York Post

By Yoav Gonen, Michael Gartland and Bruce Golding Mayor ​Bill ​de Blasio’s midday nap habit came under fire Tuesday by political opponents gunning for his job — one of whom offered him a can of Red Bull outside City Hall. Hours after The Post ​​exclusively revealed Hizzoner’s penchant for crashing out on his office couch, Republican Nicole Malliotakis was […]


Trump Touts New Sanctions on North Korea – Washington Post

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — President Donald Trump on Saturday touted new sanctions the U.N. Security Council approved for North Korea, saying they will have a “very big financial impact.” The Security Council unanimously approved the sanctions on North Korea, including banning coal and other exports worth over $1 billion. The U.S.-drafted measure, negotiated with North Korea’s […]


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