The Queens GOP is unified, energized and ready to get the job done! We’re excited to introduce our candidates for 2017. As we all know, “all politics is local” and therefore we must not stand idly by while Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo’s failed progressive policies destroy our communities..

Our newfound solidity and unity of purpose is just in time for these important elections. The next two years are critical and may be the turning point for our City and State. In the past several years, New York City has endured a liberal, progressive agenda that has given us a higher cost of living, a stagnant economic, a weakened demoralized police force, unsafe streets, failing schools and a divided City.

Public sentiment and opinion may be turning our way but that alone will not win elections. We need Republicans to ban together and fight to take back our great City and State. We need to register new voters and make sure that every single Republican comes out to vote on Election Day. We need to elect more Republicans to the City Council and the State Legislature so that we too have a voice!

The Queens Republican Party is now better prepared, unified and focused on singular message. STOP the progressive agenda of Bill de Blasio and Andrew Como before it’s too late! We know our issues and platform resonates with hard working New Yorkers. Republicans are steadfast in their resolve and are dedicated to stimulating our economy, strengthening and supporting our police, creating jobs, fixing our schools and preserving a peaceful quality of life.

There is only one New York City and one New York State. Together we can accomplish great things. Divided we will continue to see our communities deteriorate slowly and set us back decades. Join us as we embark on this important mission and let us fight to save our future.

  • Encourage political opinion and participation
  • Promote limited government and fiscal responsibility
  • Increase economic prosperity and a quality environment
  • To alert and inform the citizens of Queens of the important political issues affecting our county, our state and our nation.
  • To provide citizens every opportunity to voice their support or opposition to their elected officials.
  • To inform the citizens of Queens County about candidates running for local, state and national elected offices with factual reporting of their political positions on key issues.
  • To enlist volunteers of all ages to help support and promote the principles and values of the Republican Party.
  • Promote, endorse and uphold the original intent of the Constitution of the United States.
  • Uphold the conservative values of the founding fathers for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Encourage the role of limited government, of personal freedoms and to protect private property rights.
  • Promote a free market system based on capitalism, charity and goodwill; not welfare, confiscatory taxes and government mandates.
  • To endorse and elect Republican candidates at the local, state and national levels.
  • To use modern technology, printed media and community involvement to accomplish the mission of the Queens County Republican Party.
  • To maintain enthusiasm and excitement for the future of Queens and the United States of America despite the current political climate and ideological positions taken by our opponents both here locally and in Washington, D.C.
  • To provide relevant information that will continue to educate the citizens of Queens County before, during and after elections.

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